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                                     History of The Triumphs of Southwest Flor​ida

When Dennis McKinley left Connecticut to retire in Cape Coral Florida he brought the last two Triumphs he owned, a 1981 TR7 and a 1965 TR4A, to Florida with him.  Dennis had been one of the founding members in 1980 of The Connecticut Triumph Club and The Connecticut Triumph Register (CTR), so he was looking for a Triumph Car Club in the Cape Coral area. 

The closest club he was able to locate was a British car club who's members owned a variety of British Marques, one being Triumph.  After a year of attending their events, he approached some of the Triumph owners to see if they would be interested in haveing a club only for Triumph owners and their Triumph cars.  Several of them thought it would be a great idea, so the birth of The Triumphs of Southwest Florida took place in June of 2012, with twelve members forming a new Triumph Club in Florida. 

The Triumphs of Southwest Florida club, a non-profit organization, with the original  twelve members, also joined the Vintage Triumph Register (VTR), to gain VTR chapter status.  The Triumphs of Southwest Florida was nationally recognized as an official VTR Chapter.  One of the officers of VTR stated "VTR has not seen a new Triumph club since the 1980s".

In the first three years of existence, The Triumphs of Southwest Florida club grew to thirty eight members and developed a philosophy of helping each other in keeping the member's Triumphs running well, so all members could participate in any Triumph Club adventure in Florida.  The club is more than just a club, it is a Triumph Clan, with each member's family being welcomed into the Clan, and of course along with the member's Triumphs.

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The Triumphs of Southwest Florida

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