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                                                   About The Triumphs of Southwest Florida (TSWFL)
The Triumphs of Southwest Florida (TSWFL) is a Triumph Club in South Florida for Triumph Car owners.  The members of TSWFL have a passion for the preservation of Triumph cars and utilize their Triumphs to participate in cruises, rallies, car shows, races and technical sessions throughout Florida.

Membership in the TSWFL Club is open to anyone with an interest in Triumph cars, or has one or more models of any year and condition.  We welcome you to join us in our Triumph Clan Gatherings and all our Triumph Car driving adventures.  A monthly newsletter and annual directory will be provided via email to each member in good standing.  Our Triumph Club Gathering is held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (see Activities page for details).

The membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Dues are $15 per year to join.  Triumphs of Southwest Florida is an active Chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register (VTR), the North American parent Triumph Car Club, with nearly 2400 members throughout the United States & Canada.  A majority of The Triumphs of Southwest Florida members are also members of VTR to keep our chapter status.  If you are a member of VTR, let us know, if not, please consider joining them as well.  The VTR website is

TSWFL, being a VTR Chapter, provides the following additional benefits:

  • Membership in a parent Triumph car club with nearly 2400 members, covering all Triumph models, which actively promotes driving, competing & concourse activities, with more than 70 Chapters throughout the United States & Canada
  • 6 annual copies of The Vintage Triumph, an award-winning color magazine
  • Access to knowledgeable vehicle consultants for all models of Triumph cars
  • Technical articles, descriptions & buyer guides for most models of Triumph cars
  • VTR annual convention, which differs in venues annually
  • Travelers Assistance Program (VTR members offering help with breakdowns)
  • VTR provides insurance policies that cover club members at all club events as additional insured.  Coverage includes activities such as voluntary responsibilities for national, chapter, or other organization's events
  • Discount vehicle insurance
  • Club Regalia
  • Factory build documentation available for early Triumph models (Standards, Renown, 1800 & 2000 Roadsters, TR 2/3/3A models only). All other Triumph models available from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT)
  • Satisfaction and pride of belonging to an organization which provides the Triumph community, with absolutely no profit motive, free online Triumph related classified ads, an online Forum, International Triumph Vehicle Registry, TR2 Survivor List, Restoration Guides and more

If you have a question or a request, feel free to contact any of the Triumphs of Southwest Florida officers listed below.

TSWFL Officers
President:  Dennis McKinley, (239) 283-1534,
Newsletter Director:  ​Lois Brown,

Webmaster:  Sterling Shaw, sterlingshaw13@gmail.com


To see the Triumphs of Southwest Florida newsletter, “The Triumph Shield”, click on this link.